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Martin Transportation Systems, Inc. maintains central dispatch functions at our headquarters, located in Byron Center, MI which is located just south of Grand Rapids, MI. Our fleet is a mix of company equipment and owner-operators. Our satellite terminal locations support our central dispatch operations. The typical terminal includes a Terminal Manager/Terminal Representative who is primarily responsible for overall operation of the site, which includes driver related activities, paperwork processing and coordination with maintenance. Most locations also include an on-site maintenance shop which performs routine tractor and trailer repairs.

Martin Transportation Systems (MTS) Headquarters
Martin Transportation Systems (MTS) Sign
Photo of Martin Transportation Systems (MTS) Trucks
Martin Transportation Systems (MTS) Dispatch

MTS has intrastate, interstate, Ontario, and Quebec authority. We also provide door-to-door service to and from Mexico with preferred Mexican vendors. MTS participates and is certified in the following programs: FAST, C-TPAT, CSA/PIP. Our primarily services are the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast with coverage throughout the United States. MTS operates over 1,100 trucks and 1,700 trailers with 23 terminals throughout the United States and Ontario Canada.

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