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"Providing quality transportation services, delivered on time, every time."

Martin Transportation Systems (MTS), is a family owned and operated trucking and logistics company with a fleet of over 1,100 trucks and employs over 2,500 truck drivers and support staff. MTS provides dedicated just in time “JIT” services to its customers with a dedication to safety, customer service, and technology. The company was founded in 1978 by Minnie Martin in the then “heart” of General Motors, Flint, MI. and is currently headquartered in Byron Center, Michigan. Today, MTS operates under the same high quality transportation principals Minnie instilled into her company over 30 years ago!

Martin’s significant revenue growth is attributable to internal growth with existing customers as well as acquisitions. Since 2003, MTS has acquired 6 different motor carriers. Today, MTS is run by Owner, Richard E. Johnston (Ric) along with a team of highly seasoned transportation veterans. MTS looks forward to continuing the strong customer and employee relationships established over the past 30 plus years.

Our continued growth allows us to add driver positions throughout the country.
To join our winning team and see why our drivers stick with us, call recruiting at
(800) 748-0192 or apply now!

Picture of original owner of Martin Transportation Systems


At Martin Transportation Systems, the safety of our employees and the motoring public is our top priority. We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining experienced drivers who have demonstrated a commitment to operating safely throughout their driving career. Due to this approach and the high standards we set for our drivers, we are proud to say that we are in the top 25% of comparable carriers in 5 of the 7 CSA BASIC categories, and we continue to focus on and make steady improvement in the remaining 2 categories.

Our Safety and Compliance Department continually monitors the performance of our drivers with a number of programs and resources designed to identify and correct unsafe behaviors. Peoplenet Elogs is utilized to ensure accuracy and compliance with the Hours of Service regulations, as well as to provide our drivers with their dispatch information, fuel economy, and other information.

Our Driver Performance Bonus rewards drivers who have zero safety issues and zero CSA points for the month, along with an acceptable fuel economy, low idle time and no disciplinary issues. We also have a Driver of the Month program which recognizes the top driver from each terminal on a monthly basis, and from those drivers we select one driver as the Corporate Driver of the Month. The Corporate Driver of the Month will receive a number of rewards and will also be eligible for the MTS Driver of the Year Award.


Martin Transportation Systems commitment to being one of the safest carriers on the road is the responsibility of each and every employee with the company, and together we will continue to set the standard for our competitors.

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