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FUEL economy bonus tips

A couple of quick, smart ways to lock in your bonus MPH and monthly green bonus payout on a regular basis:

  • Shift your truck at 1,350 RPMs. Taking the engine to the governor for every gear wastes fuel and gains you nothing in road speed.


  • Shut your truck off every chance you get. Conventional wisdom says you save about a gallon per hour for every hour you don’t idle.   That converts to fuel mileage towards your bonus payout and your bonus speed. Switching the key to the “OFF” position is by far the easiest way to pump up your fuel mileage.


  • Keep your truck at the speed limit in slower states so you have your “bonus” mph available when you hit states with higher speed limits. As an example, running 5 mph over in states with 60 mph speed limits makes you a target for the DOT and the cops, which nets you tickets and points on your CSA. Instead, run 59 or 60 in a 60 mph state, then you’ll have your ECM bonus MPH available when you hit that 65 or 70 mph state.


  • Take your break at IdleAir locations every chance you get. MTS pays for IdleAir (used to be called IdleAire). Buy a window adaptor for your unit, and turn in the receipt for reimbursement. Then use your ComData card to fire up IdleAir anytime you’re on break. There are 21 IdleAir sites in 9 states, with up to 40 expected to be operational by year’s end. Sites are already operational in Laredo, Ft. Worth, El Paso, as well as sites in Knoxville, W. Memphis, Chicago, E. St. Louis and Boonville, MO.

IdleAir gives you warm or cool filtered air pumped into the cab, a quiet night’s rest, free basic cable that includes ESPN sports programming, and an internet connection. While you’re enjoying all those benefits, you’re also saving 1 gallon of fuel per hour by not idling your truck. There are also premium services available that you can pay for separately, and it seems like they’re always running some kind of special or discount night. That’s a real win-win situation!

For further information go to locations.

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