Non-union MTS drivers are eligible for a full benefits package on the 1st of the month after 60 days of service.

Health Plan: Blue Cross-Blue Shield (80/20 for PPO providers –60/40 for Non-PPO after deductible is met) – $750 Deductible for 1 member/$1500 Deductible for family

Cost to Employee for Health Benefits:

$40 per week pre-tax for employee

$70 per week pre-tax for family

$40 for office visits (in network)

$10 generic prescriptions/$50 for brand name

Dental: Available to employees at group rates. Prices vary with the plan choice – Basic or Premium and number of family members on plan.

Vision: Available to employees at group rates. Prices vary according to the number of family members on plan.

Holidays: paid on basis on length of service to the company as follows:

-First year of service                No paid holidays

-After 1 year service                2 paid holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas)

-After 2 years service              4 paid holidays (add New Years & July 4)

-After 3 years service              6 paid holidays (add Memorial & Labor days)

-After 4 years service              8 paid holidays (add day after Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve)

Life Insurance: MTS employees are eligible for $25,000 worth of  life insurance at no charge after 60 days. Voluntary Term Life Insurance is also available to employees at group rates.

Short-term and long-term disability:  Available to employees at group rates.

401k Plan: After new employees have completed 6 months of service they are eligible to enter MTS’s 401k Plan. Employees can invest in any combination of 14 mutual funds, and MTS matches 25% up to 20% of gross pay. Employees are 100% vested upon entry.

Detailed Policy Information

Dental Plans


Life Insurance


Voluntary Term Life Insurance


Vision Insurance 


Summary of Benefits and Coverage


401(k) Plan


Notice of Insurance Exchange 


Affordable Healthcare Act – 1557 Notice of Nondiscrimination


Bereavement Pay/Funeral Leave:

MTS employees shall be granted time off with pay for bereavement and to attend a funeral as follows:

            3 paid days:  Employee’s spouse, child or parent (includes “step” relationships of the same sort)

            1 paid day:  Employee’s brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law or spouse’s parent (includes “step” relationships of the same type)

Employees may attend the funeral of other relatives after properly notifying their supervisor. Such time off would be taken without pay.

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