Our computer systems are a mix of off-the-self, server-based products that have been customized to fit our needs. We have a full –time on-site IT staff which monitors our computer systems 24 hours a day. The technology we use in our business is designed to enhance the efficiency of our operations, accounting and safety to deliver superior service to the end user and our customer. We utilize the following applications:


TMWSuite is a highly configurable enterprise transportation management solution that provides an integrated suite of functions and services. This real time dispatch platform interfaces seamlessly with our satellite communications system. The system is also EDI compatible.

PeopleNet Satellite Communications

PeopleNet is the leading mobile communications and onboard computing provider in the business. The system is GPS and Cellular based. This technology allows us to closely monitor the location of all our trucks and communicate with our drivers in real time.


SkyBitz allows in-transit visibility of trailers. We use this technology on trailers going to Mexico. Through the web based monitoring we can track the movement of a trailer down to street level detail.


RAIR is an electronic driver log managements system. RAIR technologies has dramatically improved and streamlined the process of managing Driver Qualifications and Driver Log records.

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