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  • Open Enrollment | Martin Transportation Systems (MTS)

    Open enrollment All US benefit eligible employees, Open Enrollment for 2024 benefits will be November 1-14! The annual benefits Open Enrollment period is the one occasion each year when employees have the opportunity to make voluntary changes to their enrollment elections for medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurances as well as medical and/or dependent care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). All benefit election changes are effective January 1, 2024. ​ Please view the “Your Benefits Guide” below to see information about your benefit choices. Please read it carefully so you can make an informed decision. Your Benefits Guide ​ Balance Benefits Member Guide To enroll, visit and select Benefits Administration (no mobile device, computer only). If you don’t enroll by November 14, your current benefits will continue; and you will not be able to make changes to your benefits until the next open enrollment window. If you are not making any changes to your benefits, NO ACTION REQUIRED! Questions or need assistance enrolling? Call Balance Benefits at (800) 865-9164 , open 24/7. ​ Thank you!

  • Driver Bonuses | Martin Transportation Systems (MTS)

    DRIVER BONUSES Since 2006, MTS has been awarding a $25 bonus to all drivers who have a clean inspection. We have paid out thousands to drivers. Well…it’s about time for a change. So going forward, all inspections with “No Violations Found” dated January 1, 2013 and after will be paid a $75 bonus! This is cash-in-your-hands evidence that the owners and top management of MTS recognize the importance of our company’s safety reputation on the road. Do a good pre-trip and post-trip inspection. Obey the traffic laws at all times. Pile up those $75 bonuses! ​ ​ $75 CLEAN INSPECTIONS BONUS With the advent of CSA-2010, the importance of generating roadside/scale inspections with “No Violations Found” is more valuable than ever. Both MTS and the driver involved will see negative CSA-2010 points from an inspection with violations. Or (much better), both MTS and the driver will benefit from a zero violations inspection on their respective 2010 records. Besides being a point of pride, a clean inspection reduces the impact of previous inspections with violations on MTS’ CSA-2010 record. It will do the same on the driver’s personal 2010 profile. ​ ​ MTS MONTHLY PERFORMANCE BONUS PROGRAM In order for MTS to remain viable in our sector of the industry, we need to control our fuel usage. That mostly boils down to how our professional drivers operate the equipment. It is so vitally important to improve on how we consume fuel that MTS is willing to pay every company driver a monthly bonus for doing nothing more than driving smart and safe so we reduce our fuel consumption. ​ You are eligible to receive an additional 2 cents per mile! This will be paid monthly if you meet the criteria! Part of your bonus will now be tied to CSA points, and also over-revving of the engine. Regarding the CSA criteria, GM, Ford and Chrysler can determine how much business MTS gets, based on our CSA scores. Drivers who add points to MTS’ score, directly affects how much business we can get, and in turn, how much money the company can make. Our insurance carrier also closely monitors our CSA scores, and that can eventually affect our rates. A majority of the CSA scores are driver-controlled, either through on-road performance, or from proper equipment pre-trip and post-trip inspections. ​ ​ As for over-revving the engine, this costs the company in needless fuel consumption and places additional wear on the engine. It also makes it harder to shift gears when you over-rev. ​ Criteria for the monthly Driver Performance Bonus: ​ Average MPG of 6.5 or greater Long idle time below 40% Over-RPM (1800 is the threshold) must be less than 2% No negative CSA points for that month Zero safety incidents for the month - (includes, but not limited to preventable accidents, tire damages, speed gauge violations, elog violations, tickets, tractor/trailer damage etc...) Zero Late Loads No disciplinary issues for the month excluding verbal warnings Failure to properly report customer caused trailer damage ​ Management at MTS enjoys sharing savings created by good, professional drivers with those drivers. Drivers who do not operate in a professional manner and cost the company in the above-mentioned areas will not be rewarded with a Performance Bonus. ​ Make sure to do good pre and post trips of your equipment, avail yourself of the terminal inspection lanes where available. Please use the knowledge and experience of your terminal's PRT rep for questions. You can schedule additional training with your PRT rep through your Terminal Manager. ​ ​ START YOUR CAREER TODAY! Call recruiting at (800) 748 -0192 or Apply Now! Apply Now!

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