Winter Driving Tips


 When you are facing a nasty winter storm, make sure you have provisions with you in the truck.

  1. Extra Blankets
  2. Food rations
  3. Water, even during winter you can get dehydrated


Driving tips for winter driving:

  1. Relax, breathe normal and stay calm. Panic causes overreaction. Stay focused.
  2. Slow down, Drive to the conditions.
  3. Be smooth, gentle acceleration, gentle braking, keep a greater following distance than normal.
  4. Observe tire spray, less tire spray may means the roads are starting to freeze.
  5. Listen to local radio stations to keep informed about road conditions, call your dispatch to see if they have any info on the road and weather conditions.
  6. Do not stop, if visibility is zero and can not see past your hood, just creep along until you can find a safe place to park.
  7. Waiting it out, Exit and entrance ramps are plowed after the main highway and the rest areas last.
  8. Traction is everything, Loss of traction in snowy/ icy conditions doesn’t happen because you are on ice it means you are hydroplaning on microscopic or fluid water between the ice and the surface of your tires.
  9. Never use cruise control or jake brake when it is raining or snowing.
  10. Q: When is the cold weather driving the riskiest?  A:  You face the greatest risk of loosing traction on snowy, wet roads when temperatures are between 22 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. At colder temperatures, (10 to 20 degrees or less). snow covered and icy roads afford more traction than those warmer (22 to 35 degree) temperatures.
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